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KSA Chair Urges Enhanced Player Protection at Casinos

Author: Laura

"The chairman of the Netherlands Gambling Authority calls for improved player protection measures in land-based casinos and arcades, in line with the online gambling sector. Emphasizing the need for enhanced monitoring and prevention of gambling harm, the industry is urged to adopt strategies like personalised risk audits and staff training for a safer gaming environment."

The Call For Greater Player Protection In Land-Based Casinos

The chairman of the Netherlands Gambling Authority, René Jansen, has made an assertive appeal to land-based casinos and arcades for more robust player protection measures. This announcement comes as part of increasing efforts to ensure player safety and well-being in the local online gambling sector, and now extends to land-based venues.

According to Jansen, the physical gaming establishments in the Netherlands are not commensurate in their duty to monitor players and prevent gambling harm. His remarks highlight the need for a more balanced approach to consumer protection in the realm of casino gaming, akin to what is expected of online casinos.

Applying Online Casino Player Protection Strategies

While online casino operators like CasinoALMA have been proactive in implementing player protection programmes such as set loss limits and other safer gambling tools, land-based venues have some catching up to do. This draws attention to the question: How can land-based casinos and arcades adopt the player protection strategies of online counterparts?

The answer may lie in a more harmonised, industry-wide approach to safer gambling. Looking at successful models from the online casino domain, land-based venues could incorporate solutions such as personalised risk audits, improved staff training, and stronger partnerships with problem gambling support services. This could usher in a new era of player safety in the land-based casino sector, matching the strides made in iGaming.

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