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About CasinoALMA team

Meet us:

Juuso Peltola
Nationality: Finnish

Juuso is the expert and brains of the project. Juuso handles the leading role in the CasinoALMA team and he is also in charge of everything that is technical. He's the expert of Drupal, AI, automation, server administration, and the list goes on.

Juuso Peltola is the leading Finnish Drupal Developer which makes the dude very smart. You can read more about his services from here.

He's the man in charge.


Fearless Content Guru
Nationality: X

Ville is important part of our team. Ville is in charge of publishing moderation and new online casino publishing.


Affiliate Manager
Nationality: Finnish

Joonas is our very quality contact person for our affiliate partners. Joonas does the main handling of the affiliate contacts between CasinoALMA and online casinos that we represent in our Website & App. He mainly also negotiates our partnership deals.


iGaming Journalist
Nationality: X

Laura is the beauty of our team. She really does write the best iGaming news in the industry. That is good, go Laura.


Let's Grow Together!

To contact our team, please pass us an email to casinoalma@casinoalma.com.

We can list your casino at our database, do content highlighting for your brand, or even improve SEO ratings of your links by publishing high quality articles at casinoalma.com, casinoalma.de, casinoalma.fi, casinoalma.es, and casinoalma.nl domains with permanent dofollow links to boost your Google Rankings and overall online visibility!


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